The DTT-L190/L230 is a cutting-edge dental system designed to elevate clinical precision and patient comfort. Its advanced features include high-resolution imaging capabilities, intuitive controls, and ergonomic design, ensuring efficient and accurate dental procedures. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as enhanced diagnostics and customizable settings, it empowers dental professionals to deliver exceptional care with confidence.

The system’s versatility allows for seamless integration into various dental practices, optimizing workflow and enhancing overall productivity. With its reliability, performance, and patient-centric approach, the DTT-L190/L230 sets new standards in modern dentistry, facilitating superior outcomes and satisfaction for both practitioners and patients alike.

Model numberDTT-L130DTT-L190DTT-L230
Molding size130×122×150mm192×120×150mm228×128×150mm
XY axis resolution2560×2400 (3K)3840×2400 (4K)7680×4320 (8K)
XY axis accuracy50µm50µm30µm
Printing speed1-8s/layer1-8s/layer1-8s/layer
Print layer thickness0.01-0.2mm0.01-0.2mm0.01-0.2mm
Touch screen5 inch HD view multi-touch screen7 inch HD view multi-touch screen5 inch HD view multi-touch screen
Rated voltage100-240Va.c 50/60Hz100-240Va.c 50/60Hz100-240Va.c 50/60Hz
Rated power100W300W300W
Equipment size236×245×416mm370×370×530mm370×370×530mm
Package size310×300×530mm560×510×720mm560×510×720mm
Net weight6.9kg30kg30kg
Gross weight8.4kg32kg32kg
Printing modeU disk USB flash diskU disk USB flash diskU disk USB flash disk
Support languageSimplified Chinese and EnglishSimplified Chinese and EnglishSimplified Chinese and English